Converging Talent and Small Business Intelligence

Converging Talent and Small Business Intelligence

We built a brand to showcase a modernized and inventive approach to the field of recruitment. After being in business for 5 years with a brand name that reflected the owner’s initials, this firm had reached an inflection point in its business lifecycle when it needed to mature past the identity of its owner. The firm offers recruiting and HR solutions for small businesses with a unique service model that both client partners and candidates find invaluable. It was time to increase brand awareness and expand channels for business development. First, we worked with the firm to consolidate its service offerings so that client partners could better understand the true value proposition. We then developed a new brand name, tagline, messaging and visual identity to highlight the firm’s niche focus in catering to the unserved small business community, as well as showcase its innovative service model. A new website was designed with special features – including the creation of a badge system to profile each client partner and show what makes their culture unique and desirable.

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