Summit 2016

Achieving Uniformity and Distinction

Achieving Uniformity and Distinction

We built a brand that united multiple membership communities at one annual conference. As a successful conference growing in attendance and programming year-over-year, Summit has outgrown its identity. The event needed a comprehensive, revamped brand system that would embody the personality of its attendees, engage those planning to return and excite those on the fence. This was not your average association conference however. Summit actually manifests as 4 separate community-centric events in one city, at one time โ€“ with each community attracting thousands of members and partners.


The majority of the conference schedule is taken up with distinct programming that caters to each community, while there are also some monumental shared experiences such as visioning sessions, receptions and an exhibit hall. With each community of members feeling special affinity to their own culture, we had to develop an integrated brand system that would reinforce the unique emotional affiliations felt across communities, while creating a uniform grand-scale event experience for everyone. We achieved these goals with distinct messaging frameworks and creative campaigns applied to each community, and a cohesive visual identity system that all event participants could relate to and take pride in.

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