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We built a brand to equalize an expert consultant with large firm providers in the same market. After decades working for reputable corporations serving defense agencies and governments, Stratsupp’s President founded his own firm to offer best-in-class services with the heightened agility, accessibility, and attentiveness that he can promise while leading a small business free from the burdens of bureaucracy. We scanned the competitive landscape to develop a brand name that differentiated Stratsupp from comparable providers – both modest consultancies and monumental organizations. Stratsupp fuses “strategic” with “support” and presents a name that is easily articulated and remembered. The website was developed with a simple and modern interface, using a blue tint with imagery to communicate a sense of reliability, assurance, and strength. Communicating similar values, the visual identity also utilizes tones of blue paired with a 3D structural brand mark and a timeless sans-serif type treatment. This identity represents the role of Stratsupp to provide sound support that involves the careful assessment of a mission’s integrated facets, along with trustworthy recommendations to position the mission for success.

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