Kapital Kustoms

Craftsmen, Culture and Community

Craftsmen, Culture and Community

We built a brand to communicate an unapologetic, cool culture. We met the co-owners of Kapital Kustoms through a local D.C. motorcycle riding group. They had heart, soul and raw talent when it came to custom builds and renovations for bikes and cars โ€“ and were excited to turn their side gig into a full time dream. With a defined vision and a growing presence in the local moto community, Kapital Kustoms was in a great position to emerge as a new brand. We partnered up to help translate their brand promise and personality through dynamic messaging, an awesome visual identity system, customized type treatments, a knockout website and culture-centric merchandise design.

Services Delivered

Core Brand Messaging

Visual Identity


Branded Assets

Website Design + Development

“Some believe in luck. We believe in destiny – and that is just how we met Mekanic. After coincidentally crossing paths at one of their photoshoots, we could visualize the brand of our new business coming to life with their help. A couple of meetings in, we knew we needed to invest in Kapital Kustoms to make it a success. In other words, our brand needed to exist at the same level as our passion. Through the whole ride, we have been true partners with Mekanic to build our brand from the ground up. From a cost perspective, they understood our position as a startup and worked with us to offer a fair and flexible package we could manage. Whatever we need, from photoshoots to events, collateral to merchandise – Mekanic is our agency. We look forward to growing our business right alongside of theirs for years to come.”

Damon Kirkland, Co-Founder