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We built a brand to demonstrate that a leading boutique technology and management consulting firm can absolutely compete with large global consultancies. Boasting a strong roster of high-profile clients in both government and the private sector, coupled with an ever-strengthening presence in the competitive mobile 311 market, Incapsulate needed a sleek and professional brand and a modernized web presence to complement and instill confidence in the solutions they create for their clients every day.


Examining the competitive brandscape to determine what makes Incapsulate unique among other consultancies working in the same space, we unearthed a true dedication to communities and achieving real, rapid change for the better, undergirded by a pervasive pride in the quality of the work that they do. The Incapsulate community connection stretches beyond the positive effects that their solutions have on both customers who are using their solutions at home and internal teams who serve those customers every day. These findings were used to shape differentiation and story development that resulted in the creation of an influential and humanizing brand system, and an esteemed market position. The new visual voice and messaging tools we developed have the power to infuse members of the Incapsulate community–especially staff and prospective employees–with a sense of meaning and belonging. Overall, the new brand evokes the elegance of Incapsulate’s solutions and their knack for making complexity look simple.

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