We built a brand in record timing to debut a revolutionary product for the Smart Properties space. Energy Squad and Qwinix Technologies approached Mekanic with an urgent need – to develop a brand for a unified, voice-activated smart living system that connects devices, platforms, and community offerings to make living management easier for residents and property managers. With a product concept so future-forward and technologically complex, the need to be first-to-market made the deadline exceptionally swift.


With our co-creation approach on overdrive, and by working all weekend with no other distractions, our team of Mekanic strategists and creatives developed the brand naming system, messaging, visual identity, and website in just 4 days. Following that, we quickly crafted the packaging, external announcements, and promotional collateral to support the product’s showcase at a well-known builder’s trade show.


By conducting market research, positioning strategy, creative ideation, and design concurrently with frequent collaborative checkpoints, Mekanic named the brand Hobbes, to capture the product’s position as a smart living assistant that is readily available by voice command. The logo incorporates a humanizing typeface to complement the way the product is used and its dependability, and the brand mark elegantly represents your needs served up on a platter. We put careful thought into how to differentiate Hobbes among other smart-assistant tools and emphasized this with bespoke details like custom-branded client gifts and visually distinctive packaging. At launch, the Hobbes team met their deadline and surprised the Smart Properties industry with their unique arrival in a crowded market.

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