Lean and Mean Outsourced Accounting

Lean and Mean Outsourced Accounting

We built a brand to communicate that a small team can boost a business to monumental heights. As a start-up outsourced accounting firm catering to nonprofits, associations and small businesses – this firm faced the challenge of entering a crowded Washington D.C. area market as a two-person operation. We developed the amalgamated brand name, tagline, messaging and visual identity to convey the firm’s brand promise to advance client missions and reach new heights together with a deep level of trust in the climb and security in the approach. The distinctive name represents “Belaying Pin” – a technique used by rock climbing partners to protect against fatal falls. The firm is led by two experts who team up to provide a double set of eyes on all stages of the accounting review process – making the concept of partnership extremely relevant to the internal organizational culture, as well as externally B2B.

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